Finding a real estate agent in Orange County

Help is Nearby to Find your Home in Mission Viejo

I found the perfect home 15 years ago with the help of a realtor who was referred by a friend. He lived in MV so he had familiarity with the area, and was a full-time active Orange County real estate agent having 15+ years of experience. After our meeting and discussions, the home search was on, it took a while, the weekends were busy with open houses, lunch hours became house visits, and we were also actively looking at houses for sale on the internet. And after about thirty house visits and one bidding war, we found her and I’m still here today. You spend a lot of time with your agent so it’s important that you “click” from the start, that you feel comfortable because it will be a road of ups and downs and patience tried.

Take the time to interview this dream finder, sit down and get to know them, ask them how long they’ve been in the business, what their track record is, are they primarily buyer or seller agents, what their commission rate is, how long is your contract with them, do they live in the area, what’s their niche (hi-end/mid-range). Finding an agent who will answer those questions and more and who has local knowledge of the community and the market in south county, who is organized and detail oriented, who is forthright, and who has the work ethic of getting the job done in fulfilling your dream is located in beautiful Mission Viejo.

Then there’s the transactional side of buying and selling a home. If you’re a buyer and before you start looking at homes, have the numbers conversation about the initial deposit, additional monies for closing costs, do they have recommendations on banks, have the discussion on perhaps getting a pre-approved loan as an advantage, etc. If you’re a seller, advise them of your net expectations, ask what the current market is like for a quick sale, get your own appraiser and interview them also, ask what can be done to improve the asking price, etc. Prepare a list of questions for your Realtor, as this is one of the biggest financial investments you will buy or sell in your lifetime.

Good luck and see you in the neighborhood!

Mission Viejo, Orange County