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Here’s Your Wizard of Oz for South County

Eddie Taylor of, (949) 888-8698.   Recently my computer was infected with a computer virus and I knew right away to stop what I was doing and contact the tech specialist, Eddie Taylor.  There are people and sites out there that will tell you it’s simple to repair, an easy fix, install this software, do this and that and whaala…you’re up and running again. Well, this certainly is an option one can take and perhaps you may fix the problem but I’m not that knowledgeable and confident in my skills in dealing with these damaging sophisticated viruses let alone any other issues outside of everyday access and operation. That’s way over my pay grade!

So call in the cavalry, the computer specialist, the expert, the guru, and genius, Eddie Taylor, who has the interest and technological knowledge to  analyze whatever issues one may encounter not just viruses. As far as I’m concerned, Eddie is a computer wizard not only must he have a logically gifted mind but he has the patience, curiosity, adaptability, communication skills and the all mighty magic wand to get your laptop and computer repaired and make it all better again.

I’ve learned from experience of the need to have that computer repairman on speed dial or at least a phone number posted on the refrigerator because when that time comes, and it will, panic will set in.  All the questions you will be asking yourself in this panic, who do I call, what did I do, and don’t forget the verbal explosions that will be expressed. Save yourself that anxiety and have Eddie’s number easily available to you, (949) 888-8698.

As costly as these wonderful and must have machines are, they’re not that easily disposable. They can be fixed and running again as usual and the cost is minimal compared to buying another and losing all your information. I prefer having a personal independent repairman like Eddie who is very conveniently located rather than utilizing a big store option site. I like knowing who that one person is and knowing who will have access to all my personal files once it’s up and running again which is a lot more comforting to me.

Your personal Mission Viejo computer repair fix-it wizard in south Orange County is just down the street and a speed dial button away and that wizard is Eddie Taylor of ETComputer, (949) 888-8698.

I’ll share a tip with you from my computer guru who always says to me : Backup backup backup!!

I found this video very interesting  on the history of computer viruses.

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